Mark Friedrich is the CEO and sole employee of Clear-sighted Inspections. Mark has been building homes and remodeling homes for 15 years. He was born in rual Missouri and worked for a decade in Southern California as a trim carpenter. In Los Angeles he developed a unique skillset that garnered work across the country. His most recent traveling job was a role in the completion of the Mormon Temple in West Hartford, Connecticut. ​​​
     Mark now owns three very modest homes in McKinleyville. He, his wife and four dogs occupy one and they are remodeling the other two together. "Leave things better than you find them" is their motto.
    Mark has performed over a hundred home inspections in Humboldt and surrounding counties. He prides himself on promptness and can have your report in-hand in 72 hours. His inspections take  about 1 & 1/2 hours to perform and a clear and concise written report is provided within 24 hours of the inspection. 
    From Crescent City to Orleans, Hayfork, Shelter Cove and Leggett, Clear-sighted Inspections offers Inspections at a flat rate of $300 for conventional homes and just $250 for mobile homes. On request he even does newer homes and homes with slab foundations for a discount. Just call and ask for special pricing.

Clear-sighted Inspections
Mark Friedrich